How to find your first client using Twitter

If you can find 1 client, you can find 1,000

This one is hyper tactical.

I hope you’re ready to make an actual, paying client.

*takes a deep breath*

How to find your first client on Twitter:

  1. Build your dream 100 list.

  2. StalkSupport them.

  3. Find potential clients from their audience and build trust.

  4. Convince them in your 1 big domino (gradually).

  5. Ask.

Step 1: Build your dream 100 list

Dream 100 list: a list of 100 people your perfect client would love to follow.

Imagine you’re a fitness coach. Look for:

  • The best fitness coaches (same niche)

  • Nutritional coaches (similar niche)

  • Healthy cooking coaches (complimentary niche)

You don’t need to have 100 of them to start.

1 is fine.

And you probably already know about 1 such account already.
(or have access to Google 👀)

By the nature of the rest of the process you’ll find more.

Step 2: Support them

Follow and support your dream 100 list.

Engage with their posts. Help them out. Be a nice human being.

“But Jordan, how do I help them out if–”

Great question!


  1. Comment under their post.

  2. Comment under their posts comments.

Engaging their audience helps:

  • Promote their post on Twitter

  • Not leave unanswered questions

  • Showcase you as another expert

Volume is the game here. Reply to every one of their posts and 3-5 comments you can help with.

Step 3: Find potential clients and build trust

As you’re engaging, you’ll find people who you can naturally help.

Help them.

Extensively. Send them a DM with extra stuff if the comment isn’t enough.

Some of them will follow you.

Some of them will follow you after you help a few times.

Don’t focus on just being helpful. The people who stick around, talk back with you (which will be most people), and follow will be your potential clients.

Spend your time and don’t worry about how are you going to scale. Not yet.

Step 5: Convince your clients in your 1 big domino

Find your big domino.

If I can make most people believe that (my new opportunity) is key to (what they desire most) and is only attainable through (my specific vehicle), then all objections become irrelevant and they will invest.

— Russell Brunson

What that means is that you want to find the 1 single belief that when people believe will get them to believe everything else you say.

That’s why most coaches name their system.

By having a specific name, you only have to convince your clients that your system will work for them because it already worked for people like them.

Then every other objection they have disappears.

Step 6: Ask

Your potential client already trusts you. Send them a simple DM:

“Hey, would you like to hop on a call this week and see if I can help you [achieve outcome] even more?”

Some of them will say “yes”. And then some of them will say “yes” to your offer.

How likely are people to say “yes” depends on their circumstances and your skills.

The better you are at writing, negotiation, sales, communication, and so on, the more yes-es you will get.

But there’s one thing that guarantees people will never buy from you.

Never asking them to.

Now go get your first client!

You can do it.

Your biggest fan,

💡 Idea of the Week

“You’ve got to be excited first. If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, then it becomes a grind.”

— Russell Brunson

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  • Porkbun — What if you could buy a domain from a company with style? (cheaper than GoDaddy with better UI)

  • Roll AI — Your video production crew in your pocket. I’m currently playing with this. It has a TON of potential.

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