Are Apple scammers?

Look at this:

You pay $30 more… just to get a different color.


This strategy easily creates a lot of negative emotions.

… but is it that bad really?


Let me show you something else:

This is Path of Exile’s cosmetics store.

You pay extra money… just to get a different color armor. Or skills.

“So… exactly the same?”


The difference is that the Magic Mouse is a paid product. Path of Exile is a free product.


Getting a Magic Mouse can provide a functional benefit to you. You get a mouse. Then you have the optional upsell of looking cooler.

Downloading Path of Exile gives you all the functional benefits for free. Then you have the optional upsell of looking cooler.

But Path of Exile is doing incredibly well in an industry that has been struggling for years.

And their entire monetization is essentially selling different colors.

So, the tactic can clearly work.

But isn’t this bad for the consumer?

Well… NO.

Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of consumers:

  1. Consumers who won’t care about the $30 charge for a different color.

  2. Consumers who will care about the $30 charge for a different color.

If you don’t care for $30, you’re probably well off financially. Your spending is high enough that $30 doesn’t even register as important. Fantastic!

Then, if this money doesn’t matter to you – it’s better for Apple to charge more. Not enough so you’d care, but enough so they make the extra profit – ensuring you can buy Apple products for decades to come.


If you DO care for the $30, you’ll simply buy the cheaper option. And you’ll be getting a bargain.


Because Apple didn’t increase all prices. They simply increased the premium price. Other people paid more but you still got the full functionality.

That would’ve been impossible without a premium pricing strategy like that.

And, because you got the full functional value of the product – you could use that product to improve your economic status (make more money) & end up in a state in which you don’t care for $30.


A very clear win-win in my book.

Apple does it because it makes them more money, yes.

And they’ll continue to do it because customers actually get more value from this so they’ll “get away” with it. Even though it’s just a bad subjective (& incorrect) impression they’re getting away with.

The lesson for you?

Every market has its’ higher-paying customers. The “whales” as they’re called. Some won’t care to spend another $30. Others won’t care for another $30,000.

So give those higher-paying customers options.

They’ll be happy to have them.

And you’ll make more.

“I don’t play too much Path of Exile”,
— Jordan

PS: The community will open doors soon. You’ll be getting more tools to grow your business than any other community I’ve seen. For a price way lower than the $1,000 I paid for the last actually good community I was a part of.