Creators Actually Using Magic to Incept Ideas That Gets Their Audience Hooked

Control memory as if by real magic

Hello there, Jordan here 👋



I just stood there.

She had to go through it.

Everyone had this reaction.


All of it was gone, yes.


She asked.

No one heard her.

The whole hall started clapping.

I was a little surprised…

(not as much as you're confused now)

Performing magic on stage has always been scary to me. Most of my work just wasn’t visible on stage anyway.


She was so shocked. I wanted to have a chat with her, but I had to make time for the next performer. After the show.


“And a big round of applause for…”

🧠 How magic works

Magic is the best hobby you can have.

It’s the only hobby that teaches you:

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Superhuman Coordination

All at once.

I don’t believe it’s a good profession. It loses a lot of its’ charm when you mix money in it.

What are you blabbering about Jordan?! What about that girl?

Hold your horses. I’m getting there.

We’re talking about magic as a marketing superpower. You need this part.

(if you just relax, the other 30,000 words are so much faster to read)

(okay, it’s nowhere near that, it’s a short email actually)

Back to business.

Magicians use sleight of hand, sure, but that’s not what creates the magic.

Real magic is created in the heads of your audience. If they remember an object flying or vanishing – this is what happened for them. This was the magic.

The secret moves are what the magician cares about.

👋 How to create memories

The magic routine was simple:

  1. A spectator sits on a chair.
    (in this case this lovely girl I bribed know from school)

  2. The magician (yours truly) makes paper balls.
    (I used toilet paper because toilet jokes are funny and I’m immature)

  3. And throws the paper balls over the spectator’s head without her noticing.

The effect for her was completely different:


Yep, the spectator doesn’t see, feel, and more importantly memorize what happened with the paper balls.

They remember seeing them in my hand and then my hand being empty.

To do this with magic is hard.

You need to carefully mind your tone, voice, body language, and sleight of hand to make it happen.

But you can do it. Easily.

No, not in magic.


In your communication.

Here’s the big secret:

People pay attention to what you pay attention.

Yeah, but that’s easy to say and hard to do, Jordan!


In the next 60 seconds or so, you’ll be able to do it.

💭  It all starts with belief.

If you’re thinking:

“I need to sell this fast or I won’t make rent this month”

Your audience will remember:

“I’m being sold.”

Not good.

But, if you’re thinking:

“I really want to help people with {insert amazing product here}”

Your audience will remember:

“Best. Person. Ever.”

It all starts with belief.

Creating memories is an art form.

You carefully control where attention goes through the entirety of the conversation.

You choose your words carefully. You mind your tone (punctuation & formatting online).

And you practice for 10 years.


You believe the right things.

Your biggest fan,

💡 Idea of the Week

Magic is the only absolutely honest profession - the magician promises to deceive, and does.

— Karl Germain (paraphrased)

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Here are today's picks:

  • ChatGPT 4.0 — ChatGPT 4 is available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. If you’re doing creative work I highly recommend it. For mostly everything else the old version is just as good.

  • Quest AI — Become a front-end developer. Use React without even knowing what React is (it’s really popular & well-paid).

  • Hairstyle AI — Try ALL the different hairstyles for $14. Beats growing your hair out 30 times. Or just make a TikTok about it and have fun with it.

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📰 Last Week with Jordan

This week ChatGPT4 dropped, so we have to talk about it.

I’m using a new way of shooting and the pacing is way too slow. I recommend watching this at 1.5x speed.

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— Jordan

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