Your Diamond Empire

& what it can teach you about monetizing content

There are 3 ways you can make money with content.

But to understand them, you need to understand…


Presenting: Your Diamond Empire

Imagine you wanted to sell diamond rings.

Diamonds, by themselves, are mostly worthless. They’re far more common than most people realize.

But rough diamonds aren’t pretty.


You need help.


You need a miner to mine the rough diamonds. They take a cut.

Then, the mining company needs to take another cut.

“But that’s unfair, I already paid the mine—”

Yep, you need to pay up again.

Diamonds are mined in rough countries and you can’t just go in and mine. You need for the country to love you to let you do it. Diamond mining companies are basically PR companies.

But… then you’re left with a rough diamond.

Not very useful.


You hire someone to cut & polish them. They take a cut.

Finally. You have a pretty diamond!

… which – you notice – isn’t on a ring yet.

So, you find a jeweler.

They put your pretty diamond on a nice ring.

and take a cut.

But now, it’s your turn to make money. Yes?


People don’t buy their diamonds online.

They go to a fancy store to look at them, drool, and pay up the big bucks.

So, say hello to staff, rent, insurance, and “other operating expenses”.

In other words:

Employees, property owner, insurer, and even the government all take a cut.

And only then you can make some money.


You decide to advertise.

And after all of that – how much would you pay the advertiser?

How much would be their cut?

After all this – probably not much.

But let me throw some data in your face:

Businesses pay up to 33% of profit for a new customer. The best case for advertisers is to make that. Realistically, businesses pay less and split that between multiple advertisers.

Finally, you're a free rich business owner selling diamond rings.


If you don’t want to restart your career, let’s use that for:

the 3 ways you can make money with content

And all of them have to do with diamonds.

  1. Sell ad spots

  2. Sell sponsorships

  3. Sell products (or services)

Most people settle for 1 & 2. Ad spots & sponsorships.

But ads and sponsors are exactly the same as the advertiser in your diamond empire.

They come in after all the work has been done. Then they want to take a fat, juicy cut… because they’ll tell more people.

Diamond Empire Owners hate paying those guys!


You’ll make less from ads or sponsors (which are still ads) compared to selling actual products.



What if you don’t have a product?

Congratulations. You unlocked affiliate marketing!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You pick good products your audience will like.
    (that someone else spent all the time & money to build.

  2. You negotiate a great deal with the creator.

  3. You share those with your audience.
    (& take a cut from sales)


It all gets better.

But wait, there’s more!

What if… you had your own product to sell?

Remember all the times someone else took a cut?

That could be you.

You can take ALL the cuts.

You can get ALL of the upside.

You can steal ALL the Christmas presents.

(okay, maybe don’t do that – little Timmy will cry)

You get how that can be so powerful, yes?

Sure, you invest some time & energy to build your product. That’s there.

But then you get paid exponentially better.

That’s it for today’s emai—

But wait, there’s more!

What if…

Maybe. Just maybe.

You sold more products from INSIDE your product?

Like helping people pick a camera on Amazon after seeing your YouTube course…

That would make sense.

And… it’s an easy win-win to just use affiliate links there.

Or maybe… people might need a video editor after seeing your course.


You happen to be the most competent creator they know…

Wouldn’t it make sense for you to recommend a great video editor?

Of course, it makes sense!

So you do that…

But you’re helping that video editor too…

You’re giving them clients that are proven to be interested & to have the ability to pay.

… so it will be fair if you take a cut.


I think I’m done now.

Save that email for later,
— Jordan

PS: If you need help building your product and getting all those wins… reply to this email. Let’s take ALL the cuts MUAHAHAHAHAH

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