From 0 to 1000: The Working Framework on How to Grow Your Twitter

πŸ’‘ A no-nonsense guide to your initial Twitter growth

Heyo πŸ‘‹ Jordan here,

Your network is your net worth.

Having a social presence is no longer just a way to stand out β€” it is the way to success. To get the perfect job. To build your own business. To find the best clients.

And Twitter is the easiest network to start in. You don't need expensive gear, acting skills, or improvised dances to be successful on Twitter. You just share your knowledge.

To help, over the past 2 weeks, I've been figuring Twitter out:

  • Wrote 2,442 Tweets

  • Spent 8 days researching the best Twitter accounts

  • Curated 22 of the most value-packed Threads on Twitter

Unfortunately, even that much detail can't make everything clear. And I want to remove all friction from creation, not most of it.

By the time you finish reading this, you'll have a clear step-by-step roadmap to your 1000 followers.

1️⃣ Getting your first 100 followers.

Getting your first 100 followers is the hardest.

β€” Everyone

That's true for most people because they don't know what to do. They're following the best creators, curating the best retweets, and writing amazing tweets.

But they get 0 results.


Tweets don't work if you have no followers.

There's no one to see them.

But there's something that does work:


Lots of them.

I made about 1200 comments to reach my first 100 followers. Here's how to do that:

  1. Block 2x25-minute blocks in your calendar.

  2. Spend your 25 minutes commenting. I spend the first 10 minutes commenting on my friends' posts, the next 10 on big accounts' posts, and the final 5 on people who I want to connect with.

  3. Focus on adding value β€” improve the original post, empathize, make a joke or give a different perspective. Lift others up.

If you want to go through this stage faster, write more comments (10x the input = 10x the output). Do 4x25-minute blocks per day or even make them 50 minutes.

Be smart & don't overdo it β€” Twitter growth is never urgent.

2️⃣ Starting a movement.

After you have an audience, you need to build a connection. To start a movement.

This happens in two ways:

  1. Get into conversations with people. Read what they say. Understand. Write thoughtful comments to add your perspective to the conversation.

  2. Send Direct Messages (DMs). Tweets that work well on Twitter lack nuance β€” there just isn't enough space. So, use DMs to show your full character to people and really connect.

Here's my DM template for new followers:

Heyo {name} πŸ‘‹

Excellent to have you around! {Insert something interesting about them that caught your eye}

Just sending a DM to open up the door to chat. Here to help!

Customize this one and make it personal. This isn't about being an auto-responder; it's about making that first step easier for both of you.

Next, keep your 2x25 slots. You're still relying on comments for most of your growth, but now you are starting to have an audience.

Start Tweeting 1-2 times per day.

You probably won't get tons of comments on those, but those will help you connect with your audience. They will see your original thoughts and ideas.

3️⃣ Hitting 1000.

You'll notice that as you connect with more people, your tweets start buzzing. They become an actual discussion!

To speed up your process, you can do 4 things:

  1. Use lists. Create a list for "Friends", "Future Friends", and "Mentors" β€” use them to organize your engagement a little bit and to make sure you're paying attention to everyone. Here's a quick guide.

  2. Ask questions. Make your tweet an answer to a question and then ask the question at the end (give value, then ask questions). They will fire up the discussion and show your original idea to more people.

  3. Keep your tweets alive. Answer every comment on your tweets β€” that's you being a nice, friendly person + it bumps your tweet in everyone's timeline keeping it alive for longer. Win-win.

  4. Stay consistent. It's not about breaking the algorithm with the best tweet/thread β€” it's about showing up every single day and building more trust in your audience. That gets you to 1000 and beyond.

Your biggest fan,Jordan

πŸ’‘ Idea of the Week

β€œSimple' does not mean 'easy'. I have learned that the things that seem the simplest are often the most powerful of all.”

β€” Christie Golden, Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects

βš™οΈ Tools, Apps, 'n' Gadgets

Here are today's picks:

  • β€” You is a search engine, and they just added a ChatGPT thing alongside their search results. Not as good as the OG, but pretty damn powerful and connected to the internet. 100% free too.

  • Quillbot β€” If you’re like me and considering writing 5,000 blog posts with AI just because you can. Quillbot will help you make them harder to detect as AI-generated (Google is doing their best to ban those).

  • Type Dream β€” If you use Notion and want to make a website using the data in your Notion β€” TypeDream does exactly that. You can make any nocode website your heart desires (much faster than when I was making those 12 years ago and one damn button took 4 hours πŸ˜†).

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β€” Jordan

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