How a Window Changed My Life (and 10Xed My Sleep Quality)

💡 diving into your circadian rhythm and how the sun affects it

Heyo 👋 Jordan here,

Sunday, 2:37 AM. Some noise outside of my window woke me up.

It wasn’t even a loud noise per se – probably just a cat walking about. But I still woke up. My sleep was a mess.

It was strange – I’m the sleeps-through-earthquakes guy, not the wakes-up-from-a-feather guy.


And I did a lot to “fix” my sleep:

  • Got a new apartment

  • Started taking magnesium

  • Reduced my blue light (even got special glasses)

Nothing was working.

I was tired of being tired all the time.

But one podcast from Andrew Huberman changed all that.

☀️ Morning Sunlight

I barely listened to the podcast – I barely skimmed through it to see if it was any good.

But one part caught my attention. Andrew talked about how viewing sunlight in the morning can have a massive effect on your circadian rhythm.

And then it dawned on me. (hehe 😆)

The most annoying thing about my old apartment was that all of the windows were facing east.

Every single morning, I got blasted with a ton of sunlight. I, being more bat than human and working (or gaming) ‘till 4-5 AM, didn’t appreciate the blast of sunlight through my eyelids every morning disturbing my sleep.

But I couldn’t be more wrong.

That morning sunlight was the reason for my good sleep.
(ironically filled with tons of blue light that I thought was just “evil”; wrong again)

⏰ The Perfect Morning Routine

My mornings are typically quite simple:

  1. Get out of bed to turn off the alarm. That sits far enough so I have to stand up to turn it off (it’s the best anti-snooze measure).

  2. Do my stuff in the bathroom. Asta 🐶 joins me – he refuses to do the clean-up after for some reason – something about opposing thumbs.

  3. I grab a red bull zero from the fridge and get to work.
    (I open that after an hour or so)

It’s an effective strategy for me, but it lacks any sunlight whatsoever.

So, the simple adjustment I made:

1 hour after I wake up – I go to the window and slurp on my morning caffeine while watching the sunrise.

This, by itself, 10Xed my sleep.

It’s stupid.

And it works so well.

Your biggest fan,

PS: If you don’t wake up at entrepreneur o’clock – it’s almost as effective to watch the sun later. I’ve tested it.

💡 Idea of the Week

Positive thinking is not about being delusional. It's about learning how to take control of internal processing and knowing it'll shape your external environment.

— Andrew D. Huberman

⚙️ Tools, Apps, 'n' Gadgets

Here are today's picks:

  • Prime Voice AI — Google broke the internet with its’ Duplex voice tech, but never opened it up for us to play around with. Prime Voice AI is getting close.

  • Leonardo AI — Make game assets using AI. This one is ridiculously powerful – add a few assets from the Unity Asset Store and you can make a game in no time (and even with no code).

  • Waymark — Yet another AI video platform. This one has way better pacing, so there’s a lot more potential. It’s too expensive for individual users, though (but shows a great step in the right direction).

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🔦 Creator Spotlight

After that podcast, I’m an Andrew Huberman fan. It’s rare to have so well-researched and so many new & valuable ideas. He is more than worth a follow:

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That was it for today. Have a great week and I'll see you next Sunday!

— Jordan

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