Multi-step Offers

Breaking down offers to make them easier to understand (& buy)

Think about your offer?

How many steps does it have?

Steps, yes.

Breaking your offer up, slows down the offer process & makes it a lot more understandable.


More people buy.


How many steps do you use?

In my experience 1-3 steps is reasonable.

Here’s when to use each:

1-Step Offers

Those are simple, direct offers.

They sound like: “Buy this product”

Nothing fancy and they can work with a solution-aware audience.

2-Step Offers

Those are a bit more complicated but also very straightforward. They draw a line between your product and the outcome people get.

They sound like: “Buy this product to get that outcome.”

They help the user understand the exact connection between what you sell and what they want. Because the messaging is clearer, they can appeal to a wider problem-aware audience.

3-Step Offers

This is the most I’ll expand an offer. 3-step offers are elaborate – they talk about the desired outcome (typically anchoring to a universal desire) and position the product as the vehicle that can get people to that outcome.

They sound like: “Want desire? You need outcome. This product gives you outcome so that you can get desire.”

The key thing here is that you are not selling your product. You’re selling the desire. Then logically & emotionally connecting that desire to an outcome your product is guaranteed to give.

Taking this extra effort is a lot more work, but it makes your product clear & understandable to even an unaware audience & makes it available for the biggest possible market.

If no one is buying, it’s either one of two things:

  1. The value isn’t there.

  2. The messaging isn’t clear.

By using multiple-step offers, you can solve the second problem so that you can focus on the first.

I hope that helps
— Jordan