My new OnlyFans page

& other ways to get people to pay attention to you

“My New OnlyFans Page”

If this sticks like a sore thumb in your inbox read on…

Getting people – no – hooking people to read your content is about opening and closing loops.

I’ll show you.

A simple example would be an unfinished thought:

“Yesterday I found the best thing.”

Would be “opening a loop”. You share something loaded with emotion… but you never reveal the whole picture.

And only later in the copy you reveal the rest of the details:

“I found a Death Note keychain on an old backpack!”

That would be “closing the loop”.

Partial Idea → Other Stuff → Complete Idea

And that simple technique is the key to getting people to read and keeping them reading. Or watching. Or listening. You get the point.

Now, there are 2 ways to use that.

  • Confusion

  • Curiosity

Confusion is what I did with the “OnlyFans page”. I write about making money with content so the text “OnlyFans” – while somewhat close to the topic – is very confusing to see in an email from me.

And confusion works.

But it has 1 problem:

People don’t like staying confused.


If you confuse your audience, you have little time to clear things up. They will either stop consuming your content… or skip ahead and figure things out.

I typically use confusion as a 1-2 punch. Going from Confusion → Clarity in a sentence or two. (Works great for your initial hook.)

For everything else, we want:

✨ Curiosity

I saw a show called Arrow a few years back.

Half of the show was about what was happening to the Green Arrow (a mix between Robin Hood & Batman).

The other half was about what happened to him to make him who he is. Flashbacks to his past years.

Instead of revealing the full backstory and then the full present story, the show reveals a bit of each leaving you wondering what happens next. Genius.

I was constantly thinking “What happens next?”.

And that’s how curiosity works.

You start talking about something…

… and s-l-o-o-o-o-w-l-y reveal what it is.

And the best part about curiosity?

It. Keeps. People. Reading.

And – let me tell ya – someone who spends 4 hours with your content, they’re MUCH morel likely to buy than someone who spends 30 seconds.

And now you have the 2 best tools to get people to spend those 4 hours.

You have failed this city,
— Jordan (… okay Arrow said that)