Notion 101: Start Dominating Your Tasks Today

Start organizing your life without overwhelming yourself with 300 features.

Heyo 👋 Jordan here,

3 years ago, I found this little tool called Notion.

I immediately loved it, but I never bothered to do much with it. I had so many things in Evernote that it just didn’t make sense.

Nearly 9 months later, I was still sleeping on the awesome things you can do in Notion.

But then, during my 3-week winter vacation off work, I got inspired.

Starting simple and then exploring more & more:

  • Writing pages

  • Sharing them with friends

  • Creating databases for all kinds of things

  • Figuring out new and interesting ways to organize my current knowledge base

I was sold. I moved everything from Evernote to Notion. And spent the next 3 weeks obsessing over how much was now possible. Ended up making so many things I had to delete half of them because I never used them.

3 years later, I’m just as obsessed. I even got certified in Notion (which is something I never do).

Here’s how to use it:

✍️ Notion’s Editor 101

When you open up Notion for the first time, you’ll be greeted with something like this:

There are a few extra buttons, but this is very similar to any note-taking app. It’s just they aren’t called “notes” here – they’re called “pages”.

The editor can do a lot, but there is only one thing you need to remember to use it perfectly.

When looking for something, use the / key. It will show you everything you can add.

I would start with:

  • Headings

  • To-Do lists

  • Callout blocks

Getting used to the / key will let you write beautifully-looking notes with zero editing.

🗄️ Notion Databases

Databases in Notion are kind of like notebooks.

Just like any notebook is filled with pages, every database is filled with pages.

Now, if you go through a bookstore and browse the notebooks, you’ll notice that a ton of them have some stuff that’s on every page.


In most notebooks, you’ll find times, dates, or page numbers that appear on every page.

So, you can rely that you have some specific properties of every page of your notebook (like page numbers or dates). That’s unlike a piece of paper for your printer, which is just empty.

Databases work in the very same way – besides your list of pages, you have a list of other properties they share.


And yes, you can click and open any one of the pages and do anything in it.

The only difference between the properties on your notebook and in a database is:

You can change the properties in your database.

This allows you to create all kinds of specialized databases for anything you can imagine.

To make that even easier – you can use templates.

🗂️  Notion Templates

Templates are premade databases ready to go.

You can quickly create them and get going without spending too much time setting things up.


The Notion Template Gallery

Open the Template Gallery from the Templates button, choose, and click Get Template.

There are many great options there (with even more community templates at the very bottom). Pick something similar to what you need, and you’ve completed 90% of the work already.

Also, a lot of creators give away or sell their own templates as well (e.g. I have a free template with almost every one of my Notion videos).

I’d love to say a LOT more about Notion, but that will be too much for a single newsletter. We’ll go more in-depth in another issue!

Your biggest fan,

“Hard work is worthless for those that don’t believe in themselves.”

— Uzumaki Naruto

⚙️ Tools, Apps, 'n' Gadgets

Here are today's picks:

  • Blue Willow — Midjourney but free.

  • PlaygroundAI — Upload a selfie, write “add sunglasses”, enjoy looking at yourself with sunglasses.

  • Bardeen — Automate boring work in your browser – surprisingly easy to use!

  • Lumix S5II — The best full-frame camera for mid-level creators. Now with fantastic auto-focus – you can’t get anything even close even at 1.5x the price.

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A shoutout to Casey. I’ve never been into vlogging. Lately I found that I’m actually not into most people vlogging. I’ve been learning a ton from your content, thanks!

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That was it for today. Have a great week and I'll see you next Sunday!
— Jordan

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