Perfectly Imbalanced

It’s 2010.

Young Jordan is playing League of Legends.

(I promise this makes sense for entrepreneurs in a moment)

“But that’s not fair, Sion is TOO powerful!”

Sion was a character in the game. And yes, he was too powerful if played correctly.

“Games should be BALANCED – otherwise they SUCK”

is what went through young Jordan’s head.

But young Jordan was stupid.

We jump to 2012. 2 whole years later.

Slightly less young and way hotter Jordan (in his prime bro phase) was studying game design.

He was watching an Extra Credits video and taking notes.

It was about balance… and how it was useless.

At least in the short term.

Back then League of Legends was releasing new characters every month or so. They were never balanced.

… that was on purpose.

It made the game more fun.

Here’s how:

  1. Riot Games (the studio behind) released a new character.

  2. Some players immediately paid to get that character (profit).

  3. This character dominated because no one knew their abilities AND because they were slightly more powerful.

  4. Players hated that… so they started developing counter-plays. Dusting off characters that fell out of fashion. Trying new strategies.

  5. As players learned how to beat the new character – it stopped feeling overpowered. So people played it less.

After the cycle the game got back to it’s “balanced” state. But then the next character got released. And the cycle started over…


  1. League of Legends is still a vastly popular game 14 years later.

  2. Riot is a $1,800,000,000 company.

All because of the idea:

“Balance is useless”

Apply the same strategy to your content.

  • Don’t follow a perfect formula for everything. Use a guideline but break them when it makes sense.

  • Don’t only post value. Talk about yourself. Have fun.

  • Don’t be predictable. Make people curious.

Build your pillars and talk about them 60% of the time.

But for everything else…

Just have fun.

Your biggest fan,

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— Jordan

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