Tame Your Tabs with This Game-Changing Browser!

The Ultimate Tool for Managing 100s of Tabs Without Losing Your Mind

Hello there, Jordan here 👋

I was swarmed.

My Save to Notion extension wasn’t saving to Notion. It wasn’t doing anything.

So I stashed all of my bookmarks as even more tabs.

But tabs are bad, right – the productivity guys on Twitter and Reddit said so?

They have no clue.

Clutter is bad. Having too many things that are disorganized is bad. But having too many tabs tells you nothing of how they’re used.

So, you have the formal 👍 from me to use as many tabs as you need. Just don’t get lost in them.

(and feel good about being a smart person and not an outdated AI in a human body)

But having 200+ tabs opened my eyes – my browser, the app I rely on the most, did a spectacularly poor job at organizing tabs. Not great.

That got me on a wild journey exploring every different browser I could get my hands on.

Instead of boring you with the details, here are the practical notes for all 12 browsers I extensively tested:
(at least one of those will help you get more productive)

👨🏻‍💼 Google Chrome (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)

With my favorite Momentum new tab page.

Chrome is the go-to browser for most people. I’ve been using it since 2008. And while most of my work was outside of a browser it served me very well.

Why pick Chrome?

✅ It’s the stable “safe” option

Why avoid Chrome?

🚫 Google’s tracking
🚫 Conservative with updates
🚫 Sucks at organizing tabs (& plugin solutions are clunky)

And, no, plugins are not a benefit – 10 out of the 12 browsers I tested do support Chrome plugins.

(they’re based on the same engine)

🤠 Mozilla Firefox (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)

I started using Firefox in 2004. I even moved to a more optimized version called Blue Moon in 2008. It always had the same issue: speed.

Why pick Firefox?

✅ Their own rich extension ecosystem
✅ Clean, snappy, very customizable, and doesn’t track you
✅ Multiplatform and syncs your tabs between different platforms

Why avoid Firefox?

🚫 Basic tab organization
🚫 Their own extension ecosystem
🚫 Still slower than Chromium, especially with a lot of tabs

Firefox works rather well and is very polished. If you like privacy, it’s a good option. But there’s a better one coming down the list.

👩‍💼 Microsoft Edge (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)

Never paid much attention to Internet Explorer (now Edge) – it was always terrible. But all that changed in 2020.

In 2020, Microsoft moved the browser to Chromium. This changed everything. It was finally fast & supported Chrome extensions.

2 years later it’s a (surprisingly) solid and versatile choice.

Why pick Edge?

✅ Required for Bing Chat
✅ Snappy & cross-platform solution that syncs
✅ Better tab organization with vertical tabs & side panels

Why avoid Edge?

🚫 Microsoft tracking
🚫 There are other ways to use the new Bing
🚫 A ton of push for using Microsoft products

Bing is great, really. If you’d rather stick to the browsers backed by the big companies, it’s the best choice.

🔧 Chromium?

Chromium is the free community project that powers Chrome.

Most modern browsers are using it, giving us a few benefits:

  • Extension support

  • Reliability and wide range of support

  • Constant security & feature updates from the community

🎷 Opera (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)

Opera also sucked (it was built with a technology called Java, that you don’t like, okay? Thanks!) for many years. But they also switched to Chromium and now with all the other stuff they offer, it’s a browser worth checking out.

Why pick Opera?

✅ New features coming often
✅ A fantastic mobile app with sync
✅ Good tab organization (sidebars, workspaces, and tab search)

Why avoid Opera?

🚫 Too many features
🚫 Small user interface
🚫 Customizations end with the builtin stuff

Opera is amazing if you use it on your phone and like the builtin stuff or work on multiple devices cross-platform. It’s the best Android browser.

🛡 Brave (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)

Brave has been going strong (especially in the Web3 communities) and they’re doing a TON of stuff right.

Why pick Brave?

✅ Highest privacy
✅ Tons of builtin features
✅ Fantastic monetization model

Why avoid Brave?

🚫 Unique monetization model
🚫 You can get privacy with plugins anywhere
🚫 Nothing fancy in terms of tab organization besides the sidebar

Pick Brave for privacy without any extra hurdles (or if you’re into Web3). I’ll do a deep dive in their monetization – it’s super interesting.
(e.g. they share the ad revenue with their users)

🦹 Vivaldi (Win, Android, ~Mac)

Vivaldi is the most powerful browser for Windows. It’s amazing. The Android version is boring compared to the desktop thing, but it’s good enough for non-power users (on mobile).

Why pick Vivaldi?

✅ Ultra customizeable
✅ A ton of useful features that can fit any workflow
✅ Fantastic tab organization – vertical tabs, sidebar, sessions

Why avoid Vivaldi?

🚫 Clunky on Macs
🚫 No iOS app (iOS doesn’t support chromium)
🚫 Not the most beautiful browser (decent thought)

If you’re on Windows, pick Vivaldi. It’s the best choice for most people and offers most of what you’ll ever need.

🗂 The perfect tab management

What would the perfect browser look like?

I’ve tried and tested most options and taken inspiration from apps like Notion, Obsidian, and Evernote.

Those are the 3 things that I believe every effective browser needs:

  • Vertical Tabs

  • Cross-device Sync

  • Chrome Extensions

🐟 Safari (Mac, iOS)

I was skeptical about Safari – I used it years ago and it wasn’t great.

But I was wrong – if you’re not a power-user, it provides a ton of the power-user functionality in a super-accessible way.

Why pick Safari?

✅ Vertical Tabs
✅ Synced sessions
✅ Fast & doesn’t take much battery

Why avoid Safari?

🚫 Mac and iOS only
🚫 No Chrome Extensions
🚫 Apple seems to do less tracking but it’s there

If you’re on a Mac and you’d rather not bother with stuff – Safari is okay. But the next option is Safari on steroids, so use that.

🐬 Orion (Mac, iOS)

A sneak peek in Livelogue too. More on that in a moment (it’s a dope app).

Orion is insane. They’ve picked up everything good about Safari and put it on steroids.

Why pick Orion?

✅ Synced sessions
✅ Nested Vertical Tabs
✅ Supports Chrome AND Firefox extensions

Why avoid Orion?

🚫 Mac and iOS only
🚫 Tiny development team
🚫 Not all extensions work properly

If you’re using your phone a lot, Orion is the best choice. It’s a solid & powerful browser on desktop, and it’s the best iOS browser.

📱 Sidekick (Mac, Win)

Sidekick is one of the new kids on the block. It has an interesting gimmick and with a few more months of polish, it will be fantastic.

Why pick Sidekick?

✅ Great for app users (Notion, Gmail, Google Calendar)
✅ Good tab management – sessions, split-view, groups
✅ Feature-rich and a good amount of builtin productivity tools

Why avoid Sidekick?

🚫 No mobile apps
🚫 $8/month to get full functionality
🚫 Making websites into apps feels like a gimmick

If you’re bored of other browsers on Windows and don’t want to use Vivaldi (for some crazy reason) – it is worth a try. You’ll also support small developers, which is amazing.

💵 Wait, what? Paying for a browser?!

Paying for a browser sounds strange, but hear me out.

Browsers are pretty expensive to make. The money HAS to come from somewhere.

There are 3 ways to fund a browser:

  • The Brave way (opt-in advertising, referrals, and a bunch more)

  • Tracking & selling your data (most browsers do this)

  • Paying yourself

By paying yourself, you can remove any incentive for the company to track you or do any other shady approaches.

Free software is never free; you just pay with something else.

The only way you can be sure you will not face any gimmicks and find your data somewhere is to align yourself with the creator of the software you use.

If a browser is good enough, paying a few months per year to ensure that is not a bad idea.

🐻‍❄️ Wavebox (Mac, Win)

Wavebox is powerful, very powerful. It’s the last browser on the list that works on Windows and is a worthy competitor to Vivaldi for the throne.

Why pick Wavebox?

✅ Separate spaces for work & hobbies
✅ Great tab management – sessions, vertical tabs, apps
✅ Tons of builtin features; easy to create workflows for work

Why avoid Wavebox?

🚫 No mobile apps
🚫 $8.33/month to get full functionality
🚫 Dated UI and UX; ugly & non-customizable icons

If you don’t mind the design (& the price), it’s worth testing alongside Vivaldi. It can be a good option for Windows users. Ignore it if you’re on a Mac.

💪 SigmaOS (Mac)

SigmaOS is one of the two fantastic options for Mac users. It covers all bases, imports smoothly from Chrome and has great tab organization & productivity features.

Why pick SigmaOS?

✅ High-powered new shortcuts and lots of help to learn them
✅ Syncs your cookies between devices (you’re logged in everywhere)
✅ Amazing tab management – vertical tabs, no duplicates, high-powered sidebar

Why avoid SigmaOS?

🚫 New shortcuts you have to relearn
🚫 $8/month to get full functionality
🚫 Small development team; bugs and clunkiness here & there

SigmaOS is the second-best browser for Mac users. It’s extremely powerful, and if you love the very opinionated way to operate it, you will fall in love.
(& be hyper-productive)

🐐 Arc (Mac)

Arc is a browser that screams “made with love”. You don’t need to be an engineer like me to see the overwhelming amount of polish put in all the little things.

Why pick Arc?

✅ Hype polished & blazingly fast
✅ Great tab management – sessions, daily tabs, folders, vertical tabs
✅ Feature-rich but not overwhelming – everything is presented in a smooth way that won’t confuse you

Why avoid Arc?

🚫 No mobile app
🚫 Invite-only early access
🚫 Arc users are annoying because they (we 👀) can’t stop talking about Arc

Arc is the best Mac browser you can pick up. It’s fast, polished, it has realtime tab sync between devices, and works beautifully.

ℹ️ Getting early access might be a challenge, but I can cover a few of you. Forward this to a friend and shoot me a reply and I’ll send you an invite when I have one.

💻 My Current Setup

Exploring all that took way too long.

Even this email is way too long.

But I think it was worth it – I’m currently enjoying the extra clarity from having everything perfectly organized.

Here’s my setup:

  • SigmaOS is my focus browser. I’m not logged in socials and use it for focused work only (videos, writing, and making websites).

  • Orion is my new mobile browser. I keep the desktop one too so I can grab a tab from my phone if I need it.

  • Arc is my standard browser. I use it to browse the web, engage on Twitter, and catch up with email & chat.

Your biggest fan,

💡 Idea of the Week

“You’ve got two good legs, so use them. You’re strong enough to make your own path.”

― Edward Elric

⚙️ Tools, Apps, 'n' Gadgets

Here are today's picks:

  • Gling — Gling automatically cuts talking head videos for you using AI. It is a YouTuber’s dream. And, not it’s not yet another “cuts silences” tool, it’s way better.

  • Descript — Edit videos using text. A fantastic way to cut A-Roll, create shorts, or edit podcasts.

  • Lumix S5II — The best pro camera to pick up if you want to start creating videos for your business. Send me a message if you don’t know how to start.

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🔦 Creator Spotlight

Alessio, one of the genius brains behind Livelogue is who we’re talking today.

Besides being a hyper-helpful and friendly guy, he built one of the most impactful pieces of software you’re going to see more of.

Livelogue is the Gumroad replacement we’ve been waiting for. Not only it handles your brand for you, but it takes a fairer cut. Use it for $0 forever:

🤖 GPT4 is Coming

Source: Alex Hormozi (and a few others before that)

GPT4 is supposedly coming next week.

The big news is that you’ll be able to supposedly generate:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Videos

In one place.

It sounds amazing, but the “release” announcement never happened on a global scale. That’s combined with a massive amount of rumors.

Take it with a pinch of salt and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come next week.

It will come eventually.

And it will be great.


📰 Last Week with Jordan

This week I released the blueprint for my custom Twitter app:

That was it for today. Have a great week and I'll see you next Sunday!

— Jordan

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