Now. The time to be free is now.

There are only 3 steps to a business that makes you free. Forever.

Yes, it’s really time.

It’s your time.

Everyone else sits on their ass and waits around for New Year’s to make their resolutions then, maybe do something about it.

Imagine life without worry…

You have all the money you could spend. No wake-up alarm. No clock to chase. You spend all of your time doing what you love.

… and helping who you’re made to help.

That life is closer than you think.

And the best time to start?


If you’re against making money – stop reading.

But if you want to build your dream business never be chained to a 9-5 again – send this email to a close friend and then start working on what I’m about to share with you together.

To build your dream business, there are 3 steps you need to take:

  1. Hacking your beliefs

  2. Understanding business

  3. Execute long enough to win*

*I’ll share my favorite hack for this one


Hacking your beliefs

There’s a secret way to find the best entrepreneur.

Rank their beliefs.

Beginners have a lot of bad beliefs that steal their success.

Experts have changed a lot of those bad beliefs and success finds them.

But that’s a journey that can take decades. Instead, I’m going to help you cheat.

I’ll prove 3 simple beliefs that will be enough

Belief #1:

Every. One. Sells.

… but not for money.

“Wanna be my date?” is selling.
“Wanna believe in my idea?” is selling.
“Wanna go to the movies later?” is selling.

You’re bombarded others advertising their ideas to you and wanting you to buy into them. Heck—you’re doing it too!

The only reason sales feel icky online is… people do it wrong.

They manipulate instead of invite.

Belief #2:

Sell a passion.

Every passion can sell.

Do you:

Love playing video games? – 1 person out there needs your strategy for League of Legends. They’ll pay for that.

Love making videos? – 1 person out there wants to expand their X account to YouTube. They’ll pay for that.

Love the gym? – 1 person out there wants to deadlift as much as you. Help them. They’ll pay for that.

Not only you’ll be excited to help…

But if you fill your days with something you love, you’ll get so unbelievably good people will start looking for you.

Belief #3:

1 = 1000

If there is 1 person who wants something, there are 1,000 people who want something.

“The Flat Earth Society” Facebook page has over 200,000 followers.

If there are Two. Hundred. Thousand. People who believe that the Earth is flat – there are 1,000 people obsessed with whatever is the thing you love.

And 1,000 true fans are plenty.
(plenty reads as “7-figures business” in this context)

Those 3 beliefs are enough to get you to your first $15,000/month. Then you can worry about fine-tuning your beliefs to make more. (If you even want to make more at that point.)

Understanding Business

Business is simply exchanging your work for money.

Leverage is where things get magical.


You put in less work. You get more money.

Besides being born on top of a mountain of oil, the best way to do that is…

The Freedom Economy

An economy in which you do what you love, share it with people, and then your fans fight to buy a related product and service from you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You write content about what you love.

  2. Content attracts people who like the same thing.

  3. You create more – building trust in you as an expert.

  4. After a certain point of trust, people become your fans.

  5. Your fans become your clients – they want you – and no one else – to help them.

By now, you have everything you need to know about all of those steps but one.

You have something you love. You can talk about it. You can build trust. You can get fans.

… but what is your product? What do you charge money for?

Your First Product

Finding what your product is easy if you understand this:

People pay to get rid of a problem.

So, to build & sell your product you need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Find a problem.

  2. Solve the problem.

  3. Share your solution.

To find the problem ask people.

Customize and send them this DM:


I’m looking for more ways to help with [topic you love] and I thought you can help me out.

What’s your biggest challenge with [topic you love]?”

Click here to get the “Easy First Product” worksheet. It includes the step-by-step process, 3 no-headache checklists, and a secret line that makes this DM even better. 100% free. Enjoy!

Then collect the answers, order them by which one you see the most and pick the top one.

Next – solve the problem.

Write a step-by-step process on how to solve the specific problem.

Then make sure you can go through your process – without any extra steps – and actually solve the problem. (I’m shocked how often creators miss this step.)

Finally, film a video of yourself explaining this process.

Put everything in a Notion page and then send that to everyone who buys.

Finally – share your solution.

Here’s the biggest mistake I see creators make:

They sell on the timeline. Never sell on the timeline.
Not on X. Not on Instagram. Not in a YouTube video.

People see those to be entertained. Not to be sold stuff.

So instead of selling…

Invite people.

Invite people to hear about a solution to a problem they have.

Then, in your DMs, figure out if your solution can really help them.

If it can’t – no harm done. Be honest. Thank for their time. Move on.

But if it can – explain what they’ll get. Picture their life with their problem solved. And send them a Stripe link. Then give them the link to your Notion page after they pay.

No need to build any fancy infrastructure just yet. I didn’t even have my website up before I made my first $30,000.


Execute long enough to win

You have the beliefs. You have the knowledge.

And I have bad news.

From now on… everything depends on your ability to sit down and do the work.

But… I’m a lazy dude.

I suck at sitting down and doing the work.

That’s why I cheat. (or because I’m a magician; maybe both)

Mustering the motivation to sit down and do the work – every single day is hard.

I hack that by using my own psychology…


People are naturally wired to live in tribes. And when you’re in a tribe, there’s one thing you never want to do…

There’s one thing that can practically end your life.

Your tribe to hate you.

If your tribe hates you, your life was essentially over – you wouldn’t have food, sex, and shelter. You would die. Miserably.


Judging by the number of jerks around, that’s not that big of an issue today.

But it is still in your head…

How many times did you do something you didn't want to just to avoid being judged?

A lot I bet.

That is the superpower you need to push through the hard times and build your dream business. Your freedom.

How this works is you find a partner.
(Or a few partners.)

Then, you work together.

Because you don’t want to look bad – you do your best. Because they don’t want to look bad – they do their best. Win-win.


You can forward this email to a friend. Get them warmed up & ready.
(or give them this link)

If they’re ready to take action as well – they’ll hop on this train with you and you can, together, build a life of freedom and more money you’d need.


I can be your partner. It won’t be free. And I’ll be chasing you all the time to execute and win. But you will win.

Reply with the message “I’m ready” if you want to get started.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if the woodchuck had a profitable business and a life of freedom,
— Jordan

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